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Group show -  Art is the highest form of hope

Curated  by   NEWART PROJECT

Opening  -  15.11.2022/10.12.2022

Art has many different forms, such as painting, music and literature. Art helps us understand and express human emotions and ideas. Artists express themselves through their work; this is how they find inspiration for new works of art. Art is a powerful force that has the ability to change the way we see the world.



Art is the highest form of hope. - Gerhard Richter

With this sentence we would like to open our group exhibition of four very strong artists. Each of them has their own line and style in contemporary art! We would like to introduce them to you; Juan Manuel Lorenzo, Rose Cameron, Ulla Hasen, and Kinga Malkus with their works based on lived experience that tell the steps in a specific way and the interesting feats of technique that they accomplish on canvas and paper with determination. We find the techniques very fascinating from our point of view. 

The essence of each brushstroke is that it is a unique visual space and physical gesture, held together by color and texture. That is, a brushstroke imparts texture and color (specific hue, chroma, and value) to a part of the canvas or paper, and the edge contrast between that texture and color and its surrounding textures and colors defines the brushstroke as a distinct movement or A set of movements that are unified with the arms.



Art communicates ideas and emotions through various forms of expression. Artists are people who create works of art; their works are often inspired by their own experiences or the experiences of others. People look to art when they need to understand something about the world. Through art, they can express themselves and find emotional closure without having to speak aloud. 


Without art, human history would be very different; no one would be able to understand or express himself or herself through works of art. Many artists develop new pieces based on what they've experienced in life. Many artists learn specific styles such as realism or abstractions so they can better suit what they are feeling at the time of creation. Everyone needs access to quality art so they can freely express themselves through it.


No matter what form art takes, it helps us understand and feel emotions that help us express ourselves creatively and “Refresh Ourselves In The Cold Of The Evening Sun Of Grief And Sorrow That Goes Before Us To Awaken Our Souls' Gaze To The Vast Horizons Of Hope That Awaits Beyond These Tempestuous Vapors That Envelope Us In Its Turbulent Cyclone At This Present Moment “ 

- Thomas Jefferson



Text writer NewArtProject                                                                               

Juan Manuel Lorenzo 


Rose Cameron


Ulla Hasen


Kinga Malkus

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