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We are pleased to introduce you to the new magazine dedicated to contemporary art, "New Art Project Magazine" a guide for all art enthusiasts who want to explore and discover the latest trends, innovations and excellence in the world of contemporary art.

The magazine stands out for its attention to artists, curators.. their works and their creative process. In addition, it offers a complete overview of the latest exhibitions, events and art fairs, as well as exclusive interviews with artists, gallerists and internationally renowned art critics.

The magazine is also a guide for those who want to invest in contemporary art, with tips and suggestions for buyers, collectors and investors. Our editorial team is composed of experts in the field, art critics, curators and specialized journalists who work together to provide high-quality content and valuable information for readers.

The magazine stands out for its attention to diversity and inclusion, promoting artists of all ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations, to ensure that the world of contemporary art is representative of everyone.

We are excited to share this new adventure in the world of contemporary art with you and hope that the magazine will become a source of inspiration and a guide for all art enthusiasts.

Dear artists, gallerists, and museums, we are pleased to invite you to participate in our print magazine dedicated to contemporary art. Our magazine stands out for its focus on emerging and established artists, their works, and their creative process. Please contact us for more information on how to participate.

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