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Magic and beyond (I), 140x130x3,5cm, oil and oil sticks on canvas, 2022,


Magic and beyond (II), 110x110x2cm, oil and oilsticks on canvas, 2022


Magic and beyond (III), 130x100x4,5cm, 2022, oils and oil sticks on canvas


Love’s free will, 100x100x4cm, oil on canvas, 2022


Wish you were here (III), 100x100x4cm, oil on cnavas, 2022


Honouring the waters (VIII), 170x100x4,5cm, oil on canvas


Listening to nature, 100x100x4cm, oil on canvas, 2021


Lovesong, 100x100x4,5cm, pigments, acrylic, pencils on canvas, 2021


Gentle winds, 100x100x4cm, oils and oil sticks on canvas, 2022


The intuitive, abstract use of color, line and shape is my way of dealing with the daily processing
of my life.
I absorb colours and shapes, events and conversations, let them trigger an inner dialogue, inner
images, and then transform this conglomerate on the canvas into my very personal, visual reality.
Because of the expressiveness and naturalness of the color, I prefer to use classic media such as
egg tempera and oil paints.
This sensual - emotional act on the canvas creates something new that is not a message, but
wants to illuminate the little secrets of life, without which this world cannot exist. My art opens the
space beyond the words and thus creates a new freedom of immediate knowledge and feeling. It
absorbs human longings, experiences and visions and gives them a new urgency and substance.
The art scholar Amalia Gonser writes: In Petra Schott's work, “basic themes of human existence
resonate, such as: love, sex, vulnerability, memory and transience, and again and again the
fleetingness of the moment experienced. She draws additional inspiration from experiences of
nature, from viewing the works of her affine artists and from literary sources that are vital to her. In
this way she creates fascinating, at times disturbing and deeply touching images of people. "
Petra Schott is a contemporary artist from Frankfurt / M, who studied Fine Art in Kassel and has
shown her works in numerous individual and group exhibitions nationally and internationally since
1995, which have already been bought by collectors around the world.


Petra was born in Hannover Germany in 1953. She studied Fine Arts in Kassel Germany and started taking part in exhibitions nationally and internationally from 1990 onwards. Currently, she is living in Frankfurt Germany. She is part of the national association of professional artists (BBK) and of the national association of professional female artists (GEDOK).

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