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Jose Maria Lopez-Orozco Vega - Studio

Self taught, I practice a matteric approach to abstract paintings with highly textured surfaces in which a mix of concretes and varnishes create a basic form in the bottom as a way to transcend the two dimensions of the canvas. It also builds the frame for the process of creativity to be displayed, telling a primary story in which organic forms play with light and shadows. Layers of oil, acrylic, graphite and pigments interact with
volumes and frequently relate a secondary story to complete the artwork in two levels of lecture. This is how emotions, thoughts and experiences can come out from my mind and my unconscious and create a new reality.

FOTO 10.jpg

Grey composition. Mixed media on wood. 70x40 cm. 2020

FOTO 04.jpg

Neverland. Mixed media on wood. Diptych100x75 cm. 2021

For me, the most relevant thing about my work is the process of creativity itself. The aim is basically to allow the process occur, as a mix of rational and emotional or conscious and unconscious impulses, and reach a final result that in many cases is a suboptimal approach that hides or holds better solutions, but enriches the painting with a vibrant life that expresses itself in form of emotions, back and forward movements and personal truth. Little  battles arise between the place I'm willing to go and the place where the canvas wants to move, creating the necessary tension for a truthful expression. I give up control as the process evolves, and allowing myself to feel  “what needs to be said” rather than forcing from
the ego a “what I want to say", or what I desire to see happening. This path turns into a mirror, a pure invitation to dive in the depths of self-knowledge and a deeper understanding of my human nature. 


CUADRO 07.jpg

Pas de deux. Mixed media on wood. Diptych 90x80 cm. 2021

CUADRO 03.jpg

Tea with T. Mixed media on wood. Diptych 100x90 cm. 2021

This approach might not sound entirely new, or original, but it is my humble and honest way of feeling the artistic expression. I usually think that art can be seen as a good Dry Martini Cocktail: 5 parts of the artist 's truth and 1 part of aesthetics, shaken but not stirred. The viewer is expected to end the process by putting the olive on top of the cocktail.

CUADRO 05.jpg

Ofelian Nights. Mixed media on wood. Diptych 100x80 cm. 2021

FOTO 05.jpg

Epitaph for Rothko. Mixed media with concrete and letters on wood. 145x110 cm. 2021



JOSE1 MANOjpg.jpg

Oviedo saw my first breath in 1957.  My vocation grew as a natural extension of a long career in the advertising design and creativity business. Everything began from a strong inner need of creating and transforming feelings and sensations into something palpable.


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