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New Art Project presents

''Colors from the Soul''

Group exhibition

24.12.2022 - 22.01.2023

Artists: Linda Pettersson, Cristallina Fischetti, Fedor Deichmann and Ania Telfer



Colors of the soul refers to the idea that colors can be used to express the deepest emotions, thoughts and feelings. The colors have the power to convey meanings and emotions in a way that words cannot. In art, color is often used to convey mood, atmosphere and emotion and can be used to evoke a range of feelings in the viewer. Some believe that certain colors have specific meanings or associations, such as red representing passion or anger and blue representing calm or serenity. Different combinations of colors can be used to create different effects, and the use of color is a powerful tool for expression and communication in art.


In addition to conveying emotion, color is also be used to create atmosphere, convey a sense of place, and create visual interest and depth in a painting.


The selected artists naturally highlight colors, live with colors every day, and display their technique with great professionalism, matching colors with their daily routine in the studio, where they convey their every brushstroke gesture on the canvas.

Text by New Art Project

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