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Untitled - 43
mixed media linen 240x200cm

Unseen Patterns: 

Márta Kucsora’s

Cosmic Canvases


In an age when art often seeks to elucidate the visible, Márta Kucsora takes a different path, delving into

the world’s hidden intricacies that lie beyond perception. Her artistic compositions, as she aptly describes,

evoke the enigmatic processes of nature – the unseen, the ambiguous, and the undisclosed. Kucsora’s

work balances the fine line between the calculable and the chimerical, where coherence is found not in the

expected patterns but in the unforeseen alliances of forces. 

A biocentric ethos underpins her oeuvre, reflective of an organic approach that mirrors the perpetual

transformations of nature. Just as the organic world follows its unspoken rhythms, Kucsora’s working

method reflects this process, resulting in paintings that are not just static artifacts but statements of

ongoing dialogues between herself and the world around her.




Exploring the Metaverse


Kucsora’s canvases are like frozen glimpses into the elusive processes of our planetary dimension, what she terms the “metaverse.” This term evokes a cosmic space beyond our limited senses, where patterns and structures shift and unfurl in ways unbounded by our everyday perceptions. She invites us to peer into a dimension that is not usually accessible, revealing the rhythmical repetitions and the irregular discontinuities of organic formations that make up the fabric of existence.

**A Dance with Nature**

In the grand tapestry of Kucsora’s career, the “Stretch” exhibition at the Kepes Institute is a testament to her exploration of the interplay between conscious intent and accidental occurrence. Like living organisms, her canvases are products of a dynamic process where colors and solvents converge and diverge in a dance guided by the artist’s hand. This method, often referred to as “alla prima,” captures the physical interaction of materials and the essence of the painter’s presence in the act of creation.

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